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Excellent Pay to Attract Staff,Excellent Culture to Attract People,Achieve People with Creative Conditions

Source: Author: Pubdate: 2019-06-02 3929 Pageview

Excellent pay to attract staff,Excellent culture to attract people,Achieve people with creative conditions

  1. Human Resource Planning and Policy: The core is to establish a human resources system and system that is compatible with the strategy and to plan in a unified manner.

    Support strategy, Reserve in advance;

    Customer customize,Classified management.

  2. Recruitment and Appointment: the core is suitable for people, clear standards of employment, and ensure fair and transparent recruitment and appointment process.

    Clear standard,Inner to outside;

    Moral priority,Ability is essential.

  3.  Cultivation and development: The core is to establish a training model based on post competency, build a smooth career path, respect the individual wishes of employees, develop professional capabilities, and enhance leadership.

    Improve channels, plan development, enhance capabilities.

  4.  Incentives: The core is to distribute value based on employee contributions and share the growth of corporate value.

    Market Orientation,Effective Motivation;

    Create Business,Effective appreciation.

  5. Exit: The core is to form a virtuous circle. The cadres can get on and off, the employees can get in and out, and provide reasonable protection for the employees who contribute.

    Fair Competition,Application of quantity;

    Reasonable guarantee,Moderately eliminated.